Racing Fuels

Carless Racing Fuels is a range of advanced racing and control fuels designed to give motorsport competitors closely controlled and ultra consistent high performance.


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Carless Hiperflo Turbo Ultimate DEV2
Top quality and very tightly controlled low sulphur, unleaded Race Fuel specifically manufactured for turbocharged/supercharged engines as found in today’s modern rally and race cars. Used as the current Control Fuel in the ‘MSA British Rally Championship’ and the ‘MSA British Rally X Championship’. Meets with the current requirements of the FIA ‘Appendix J’ gasoline specification. Provides large gains in engine performance (horse power and torque) when compared to engines running on conventional Super Unleaded pump gasolines. Approximate oxygen content is 3.2%. Re-map recommended to obtain full benefit of this fuel if currently running on pump fuel. Re-map also recommended if currently running on any other motorsport fuel. Please note that the original Hiperflo Turbo Ultimate is still available to purchase, however, please note this gasoline no longer meets with FIA ‘Appendix J’ and has been superseded by Hiperflo Turbo Ultimate DEV2. Both these gasolines are available in 25 litre cans, 54 litre kegs & 194 litre drums.


Carless Hiperflo 300
High quality low sulphur Control Fuel as currently used by the BTCC and all other Championships (excluding Renault Clio’s) on the TOCA Championship package. This is a 101/102 RON and 89/90 MON unleaded gasoline with approximately 2% oxygen content that meets the current FIA ‘Appendix J’ gasoline specification. Can be used in both naturally aspirated and turbo/supercharged engines requiring more octane than the current MSA allowable maximum of 100 RON. Re-map recommended to obtain full benefits of this fuel if currently running on pump fuel. Re-map also recommended if currently running on any other motorsport fuel. Available in 25 litre cans.

Gutts BioEthanol E85R

E85R is very different from regular E85 found at many fuelstations, where mainly the ethanol percentage varies up to 10%. E85R is blended with a consistent percentage of ethanol and every other component in every drum. The is constant quality takes away the need for constant remapping of engines.

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